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Multi-certificated products

We are, of course, always delighted to help in planning and assessing the circumstances in which the units are to be used. More complex situations involving airflow determination, selection and positioning of units may require a visit to the proposed site. We are happy to show you how easy the devices are to operate. To ensure the best results in the case of larger premises that may also have air-conditioning or air circulation systems, we would need technical drawings and parameters so that our engineers can determine the optimum configuration for air cleaning.

Finding the most suitable unit

Finding the right unit requires a closer look at the specific room situation. In addition to the floor area and ceiling height, we must also consider the furniture and fixtures, walls, ceiling hangings and decorations, all of which affect the airflow and rate of air change in the room. With large room dividers, the practical approach in some circumstances may be to use several small systems, rather than one large system. Visitor frequency also has an important role to play in the assessment. The units are designed for modularity, which allows them to operate very well in combination, thus ensuring there is always an optimum solution to fulfil all requirements.

The site – positioning the units for best effect

Filter systems should never be set up directly adjacent to strong sources of odour (e.g. cleaning/disinfection agents, coffee machines). The TVOC sensor would treat the odours as pollutants and cause the system to operate continuously at the highest setting. These cleaning systems are approved for use only in dry rooms. Care must be taken not to cover the units or push them hard up against the wall.

Quick installation and start-up

All units are designed so that they can be quickly and easily set-up and brought into operation. The design considered flexibility for future use and therefore they can be used in other premises if required.

Reliable servicing

The units were developed with an eye on inexpensive and straightforward servicing and operation. Filter modules can be very easily replaced by untrained personnel, janitors or a company’s own maintenance staff. As you would expect, the work can also be done by our customer services team if required.